In the south-west outskirts of Krakow there is The Tyniec Forest. It grows on low, but steep hills. The ground and the paths are a bit rocky, just like in many places in Kraków and around it - the whole Krakow area is decorated with limestone rocks.

    We go there a few times a year, mostly in summer, to have a strenuous walk on the hills. Lime stones make it difficult to push a pram along the paths but I manage somehow. Children like reading metal posters with information about forest animals and birds,  the forest preservation, dangers of fires,  etc.

    In one part of the forest we used to walk past two concrete platforms, not too big, about 3 meters wide on each side. They posed a certain mystery to us, because the only signs which suggested the purpose of  the platforms were some flowers and grave lamps. We presumed it must have been a religious site.

    The mystery has been solved this year. We discovered two black marble plaques on the platforms. They were set up in 2005. Two wooden crosses lie on the concrete floor next to the plaques.




Two concrete platforms with plaques among trees....
The smaller plaque reads: Let their souls live in eternity.


The bigger plaque reads: About 500 Jews from Krakow area are buried in these two graves, the victims of German genocide, murdered in summer 1942.

Only few names are known:

Let them be blessed

    Izrael and Regina Abrahamer from Zielonki

    Chaim and Estera Chune from Skawina

     Mrs Fletscher with her daughter from Skawina

      Feuer from Piekary

      Samuel and Sara Kenner from Krakow

      Zygmunt Kleinberg from Zielonki

      Mrs Kleinroller with three children


      Neigewitz with his wife

      Ester and Zygmunt Poranski from Krakow

      Herman Spielman from Dziedzice

      Julia Weinberger from Wielbornia



Let their souls live in eternity







500 Jews killed in the Tyniec Forest.


3 million Polish Jews killed in  Poland during WW2 and afterwards.




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